NEWSLETTERNorfolk & Norwich Novi Sad AssociationDedicated to FriendshipNo. 155October 2018Editorial: G. Piccoloe-mail: 2018 ANNUAL TRIP TONOVI SAD15-22 September 2018Peter Beckley, MBEContinued and continuing good weather made this annual visit a pleasant and very enjoyable experience – particularly for those of the party who were visiting Novi Sad for the first time.Gathering everyone together at Heathrow has now become commonplace and the Welsh membership (in the form of Verna), reliable as clockwork, joined the group. Two intrepid and adventurous members from Little Walsingham preceded the group by travelling ‘Wizz Air’ from Luton and survived!The many friends of the Association in Novi Sad always provide a welcome and act as hosts for the first day of the visit. This is an invaluable experience for everyone since the person to person relationships are so very important in maintaining the very strong contact between Norwich and Novi Sad.Sandra, from Kompas, always provides us with an interesting programme which this year The whole group in Belgrade