NEWSLETTERNorfolk & Norwich Novi Sad AssociationDedicated to FriendshipNo. 154August 2018Editorial: G. Piccoloe-mail: TRIORCA EUROPEAN YOUTH ORCHESTRA.28 July 2018Peter Beckley, MBEOn the 28th July the Triorca European Youth Orchestra delighted its audience with an outstanding performance. The young musicians, apart from the well deserved appreciation, also experienced some unexpected “drama” on the way to the concert (see Peter’s article).It is the end of August -yes, already!- and the date of departure for the annual Novi Sad trip is round the corner. Sandra, from the Novi Sad travel agency Kompass, is putting together the last details of the visit. I am sure every participant will enjoy the visit and those of us who cannot join them will have to wait for the article in the next newsletter to have a taste of their experience. The visit will also be an opportunity for the Association to take to the "Milan Petrović" School some of the funds generously donated for its pupils.The visit to Norwich of the Triorca European Youth Orchestra can only be considered as a fantastic success!Sixty-seven young performers from the three centres of Novi Sad, Koblenz, and Norwich spent a busy week rehearsing and playing together. Many friendships were renewed and many more begun in an atmosphere of International co-operation that is very rare at this time when there is very little financial support from authorities. It is probably the only local organisation at the moment that fosters European pupil exchange. The importance of sponsorship and grants has never been greater and a donation from the Norfolk & Norwich Novi Sad Association (The Paddy Goldring Fund) enabled the Serbian contingent to make a significant contribution to their share of the costs.Invitations to receptions at City Hall and County Hall provided an opportunity for some of the youngsters to demonstrate their musical skills and for everyone to meet ‘those who help’.The support of ‘OPEN’ at Bank Plain was nothing short of incredible as they acted as ‘hosts’ to the orchestra - providing a space for everyone to congregate, eat, and rehearse. The youngsters were able to recognise this as their ‘base’ and, being so central in Norwich, provided ample opportunity to look round the City with the Norwich youngsters acting as ‘guides’.ProgrammeContuctor – Nicholas DanielSergei Prokofiev - Peter & the WolfNarrator: Alistair Farrall-DanielErich Korngold – Violin Concert in D majorSoloist – Julia HwangPeter Ilyich Tchaikovsky – Symphony no 5.
The Tutors and other professionals worked wonders in a short space of time honing and polishing performances - building on weeks of preparation by the ‘home teams’.One of the ’highlights’ of the visit was a visit to the ‘Proms’ at the Royal Albert Hall. The coach driver had time to divert and provide a short tour of London’s famous streets and buildings. The whole event proved to be of such success that the Serbian contingent remarked that their lives are now divided into the “period before the Promenade Concert at the Royal Albert Hall and the period after!”The concerts were considered to be ‘mind-blowing’ by many of the participating youngsters. The concert at OPEN in Norwich on the evening of the penultimate day was considered by many to be the best performance by an orchestra at that venue and was of a quality that is expected of visiting professional orchestras to the City.The final day and the visit to Saffron Hall at Saffron Walden proved to be quite an adventure. The coach that was taking all the orchestra and tutors to the venue from Norwich caught fire on the way!Once the orchestra, their instruments and their luggage were safely on the bank of the A11 we get the impression that the young people thought it was great fun and a sort of ‘entertainment’ laid on for their benefit! We understand it was ‘all smoke’ and no conflagration. As far as the organisers were concerned the delay in getting a substitute coach (which was smaller and had to ‘shuttle’ backwards and forwards in to collect two batches of performers) meant hours of delay and a complete rescheduling of rehearsals as well as finding time to feed everyone and get them composed before the performance. The sheer professionalism of all involved provided a concert of exceptional quality which is probably best summed up in the following observation by our Hon. Vice President Paul King and his wife Hester:“….We were simply bowled over by the concert and the tremendous talent of the Triorca European Youth Orchestra.Julia Hwang gave a stunning performance and it is hard to believe she is only 22.The Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 was played as well as we have ever heard it. Nicholas Daniel was such an enthusiastic and outstanding conductor.How marvellous it must be for these young people to get together for a week and, in such a short time, to achieve the standards of any one of the great Symphony Orchestras. The final work was a tour-de-force….”