NEWSLETTERNorfolk & Norwich Novi Sad AssociationDedicated to FriendshipNo. 157May 2019Editor: G. Piccoloe-mail: BillingPaul Billing was a warm hearted, enthusiastic, engaging free spirit. He was inventive, challenging, hilarious and generous to a fault. All and everyone were welcome to his house, orchard, garden, gazebos and bar. His parties were legendary.Paul had long experience as an entrepreneur in the world of local pop music. With a group of friends, who called themselves ‘Wombat, Wombat’, he encouraged and supported young musicians by arranging recording sessions and organising superb gigs. A highlight of every month was the ‘Wombat Wombat’ Friday night gig at The Norwich Arts Centre.In 2005 Paul approached the Association with the suggestion that bands from Norfolk and Norwich should be supported to visit and perhaps play at the now famous, student inspired ‘Exit Festival’ in Novi Sad. The Association felt it could not comfortably encompass such an enterprise and suggested a ‘sister’ association. So Paul became the founder and chairman of ‘Muzica’. In 2006 Paul flew to Novi Sad to negotiate with the two student leaders of ‘Exit’: Darko and Dusan. Lazar Stritevic, who was present during the negotiations, said later ‘You could not have sent anyone better!’ The famous pair immediately warmed to and were impressed by Paul’s enthusiasm and expertise in the genre. They agreed that two bands from Norfolk and Norwich should perform at the 2006 Novi Sad ‘Exit Festival’. They would stay free at The Vojvodina Hotel. Two talented young bands, none of whose members had ever been out of the country before, were selected. They were to play on the prestigious ‘Future Shock’ stage. They had no money; Muzica had no funds. Flights were out of the question.